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RugPull X #003
€ 4,880.00 EUR

Venture into the exclusive domain of 'Rug-Pulls': A paragon of luxury intertwined with the allure of NFT generative artistry. Exclusively crafted for the discerning elite, these limited edition rugs emanate tales of cryptocurrency tokens, promising but tragically short-lived, immortalized through state-of-the-art generative algorithms. At first glance, the geometric interplay beckons — a harmonious dance of irregular squares, circles, and enigmatic shapes, all inspired by nature's mathematical poetry. The deliberate use of striking reds, grounded in color theory, evokes strong emotions and sentiments, accentuating the rug-pull narrative against a vibrant backdrop. 'Rug-Pulls' is not merely a floor piece; it's an exquisite investment, a narrative of digital epochs, and an epitome of luxury for those who appreciate the subtle nuances of design and color.

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⧖ Estimated Production Time: 7-8 weeks
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Each Furnigible Product is created from a one-of-a-kind NFT minted in the Blockchain.

the Creator

Girotti & Penzo

Enrico Girotti is an Italian Industrial designer who has embodied the word “maker”.Graduated in Industrial Design from the IUAV in Venice, in his creations he has established a strong link between the creative and the productive process, mixing technical training and his personal research, expressing itself in a continuous exchange and technical remodulation between the design of “soft” and “hard” products.A fundamental aspect of his work is the close link between the idea, the action and the realisation of the object which happens in an integrated process that reveals itself while enriching the development, a process in which no stage is ever accidental.

Enrico Penzo is a freelance creative programmer and multimedia artist located in Lisbon after working in the design and technology industries in Milan and Sydney for 15 years. After spending two decades in parallel worlds of software development, generative art, and industrial design, his specialties have become more intertwined.For customers such as Ferrari, Diageo, and Google, Enrico has created online experiences, decentralized applications, interactive installations, and connected products. His work has been featured in prominent creative media publications such as Mashable and PSFK, and he has won awards from the FWA and Webby Awards, among others.Enrico develops algorithmic designs for print, fashion, physical items, art installations, and brand design as a visual artist. His visual collaborations and unique artist conceptions have been utilised to develop a number of NFT collections and Web 3.0 Experiences.

Materials & Technics

Polyester is a lightweight and long-lasting synthetic fabric that is used in a variety of textiles. It is a great carpet material due to the high quality of the fiber. The end product is a lovely rug that is soft, comfortable to walk on, and has a beautiful gloss.

Construction: Tufted 1/10” shine-Saxony - Polyamide 6.6 - Polyester nonwoven - Felt backing Polyester.

The rug is washable and highly resistant to foot traffic.

Rug Shape: custom

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