The Blockchain Powered Furniture Design Hub

Furnigible Collective is a community of selected artists and designers who are interested in exploring the intersection of the worlds of furniture design and Web 3.0.

Furnigible's vision is to become the first Web 3.0 furniture design hub, with various physical NFT collections linked to carpets, tiles, wallpapers, chairs, tables, couches, and more.

We believe that Web 3.0 communities and smart contract technology can greatly benefit the furniture design community in several aspects:

  • Create a more equitable and transparent allocation of royalties derived from physical product sales
  • The ability for the general public to support projects and earn royalties from the sale of physical products
  • Project Crowdfunding through NFTs
  • Shared interest to cross-promote community projects

The World’s First NFT Rugs Collection

Furnigible will soon unveil its debut project, a collection of NFT Rugs driven by a unique decentralised application and smart contract for royalty distribution to both artists and NFT holders.

Each rug design will be minted as a one-of-a-kind NFT.
We call this NFT "Blueprint" since it represents the "source" of each Furnigible Physical Product.
When an NFT Blueprint is purchased, the accompanying design is published on the Furnigible online store and, if desired by the artist, in third-party marketplaces, allowing real rugs to be sold, made, and distributed to design lovers.

Unlike common physical NFT projects, a single "NFT blueprint" may be used to sell several physical products.
As a result, the artist will essentially receive royalties each time a rug is sold from a single design.


Rugs Production

The Italian design company lapiegaWD will supervise and coordinate manufacturing and logistics. Enrico Girotti created LapiegaWD, an established firm situated in Verona, Italy that specializes in high end furniture design.

LapiegaWD will be heavily involved in the manufacture of the rugs, as well as logistical and marketing support.

Dimensions (cm):
REGULAR: 240x170
LARGE: 300x200
ON REQUEST: 400x300

Materials and Techniques
- Tufted 1/10” shine-Saxony - Polyamide 6.6.
- Polyester non-woven.
- Felt backing Polyester.

The rug is washable and highly resistant to foot traffic.
Rug Shape: custom.

& Rewards

Furnigible Royalty Distribution

Since blockchain and NFTs are open and public, we believe these are ideal tools for fairly rewarding artists for their work while repaying NFT holders for their participation.
To that end, we choose to build the technological infrastructure necessary for the equitable distribution of royalties for each physical product sold.

The revenues will be awarded not just to the artists, but also to the NFT holders as a gesture of gratitude for their early support of the project. Royalties to the designer and product pricing can be agreed case by case.


We believe we can build an innovative ecosystem to provide more value to designers and early supporters in new product ideas. Industrial designers have usually with zero transparency in the sales process when working with furniture companies.
We want to improve the traditional model thanks to the blockchain and provide more equitable royalties.
Get in touch to join the collective and learn more about our royalty model.


split artist / collective


split artist / collective


split artist / NFT Holder / collective

Customer Journey

A high-level description of the usual customer journey is provided here.

Furnigible infrastructure is built and will evolve within the Tezos ecosystem. 

Why Tezos?

Unlike Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tezos’ Proof-of-Stake requires significantly less energy and cost to operate, making it an ideal alternative platform for building blockchain applications that are eco-friendly. As the Web3 movement gains in adoption, scaling responsibly requires a more energy-efficient approach. Tezos delivers on this today.

The Tezos platform was built with mechanisms to ensure active community governance and participation–a key component of Web3. Users can actively participate by evaluating, proposing, or approving amendments to Tezos. This empowers the type of collaborative innovation that keeps Tezos on the bleeding edge of technology, and it’s why Tezos is best positioned to underpin the Web3 revolution.

Furnigible Store Royalty Distribution

The following flow diagram illustrates what happens behind the hood once a physical product order is received.