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RugPull #004
€ 2,380.00 EUR

Rug-Pulls is a limited edition of NFT generative art rugs. A generative algorithm is used to make the carpets, which are based on data from formerly promising cryptocurrency tokens that died prematurely due to fraud or hacks. The generative modern rug is a captivating data visualization canvas created for crypto art enthusiasts. The geometric design is undoubtedly the first thing that draws attention to it. The abstract artwork appears to be a mixture of irregular squares, circles, and other shapes formed using nature-inspired mathematical formulas. The color palette that goes with it is bright with a red emphasis, which is intended to visually accentuate the rug-pull concept. The beauty of the pattern, along with the high quality of the materials, makes this generative art rug an excellent long-term investment.

NFT BlockChain:
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⧖ Estimated Production Time: 7-8 weeks
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Each Furnigible Product is created from a one-of-a-kind NFT minted in the Blockchain.
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the Creator

Enrico Penzo

Enrico Penzo is an independent creative coder and multimedia artist now based in Lisbon after 15 years working in the design and technology industry in Milan and Sydney.
His disciplines have increasingly intertwined after spending two decades in parallel worlds of software development, generative art and industrial design. Enrico has built web experiences, decentralised applications, interactive installations, and connected products for clients like Ferrari, Diageo and Google.
His work has been covered by major creative media outlets like Mashable and PSFK, and has received awards from the FWA and Webby Awards, among others.
As a visual artist, Enrico creates algorithmic designs for print, apparel, physical products, art installations and brand design. His visual collaborations and original artist concepts have been used to create multiple NFT collections and web 3.0 experiences.

Materials & Technics

Polyester is a lightweight and long-lasting synthetic fabric that is used in a variety of textiles. It is a great carpet material due to the high quality of the fiber. The end product is a lovely rug that is soft, comfortable to walk on, and has a beautiful gloss.

Construction: Tufted 1/10” shine-Saxony - Polyamide 6.6 - Polyester nonwoven - Felt backing Polyester.

The rug is washable and highly resistant to foot traffic.

Rug Shape: custom

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