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oNIRIC #002
€ 3,660.00 EUR

Immerse yourself in the luxurious allure of the 'Pool Collection'. Dreamy, surreal, and undeniably captivating, this exclusive ensemble beckons you into a realm of utmost relaxation and artistry. Delve deeper, redefining your space's potential, echoing authenticity and unique craftsmanship. Offered in three curated atmospheres, each piece is a testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity. Select the one that resonates with your dreams, embracing the future of art and design in your very home.

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⧖ Estimated Production Time: 7-8 weeks
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the Creator

Alessandro Brunello

Step  into Alessandro Brunello's enchanting metaverse—a haven of relaxation,  pleasure, and contentment. Hailing from Milan, this Italian digital artist's  roots lie deep in design, with a storied career in the exhibition sector. But  it's his passionate tryst with 3D software that unlocks realms of digital art  and motion. The pandemic provided a silver lining, allowing Alessandro to  delve deeper into the metaverse and the digital tapestry of social media. His  creations aren't mere visual feasts—they challenge and transcend human  stereotypes.

Materials & Technics

Polyester is a lightweight and long-lasting synthetic fabric that is used in a variety of textiles. It is a great carpet material due to the high quality of the fiber. The end product is a lovely rug that is soft, comfortable to walk on, and has a beautiful gloss.

Construction: Tufted 1/10” shine-Saxony - Polyamide 6.6 - Polyester nonwoven - Felt backing Polyester.

The rug is washable and highly resistant to foot traffic.

Rug Shape: custom

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